About Us

We Are Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • We seek to promote a better neighborhood through group action, so that the quality of life shall be in keeping with the needs and interests of our neighbors.
  • We work for roads, schools, parks and emergency services.
  • We are all volunteer.
  • Membership is open to all of our neighbors– renters or owners($12 yr), businesses($24).  Membership is voluntary.
  • We maintain a working relationship with all public and elected representatives.
  • We are members of The Westside Coalition Of Neighborhood Associations.

We Need Your Help!

If you are interested please let us know!  Contact us at info@tresvolcanes.org or call 505-990-5206.  If you are interested in joining please visit the Membership page.

Tres Volcanes is in need of Sponsors, Board Members, Committee Chairpersons, Newsletter Contributors, Neighborhood Patrol, and Volunteers.

For more information or to ask questions.